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Christian Women's Clubs and Christian Women's Connections of Florida!


A Non-Profit Web Site Providing Monthly Club Information
Treat yourself to a monthly brunch, luncheon, or dinner meeting at an attractive location such as a country club or popular restaurant. Because we know you want to use your time wisely, the 60 to 90-minute meetings are designed to fit your schedule. Besides including both fun and informative elements, each meeting features an inspirational, dynamic speaker who will address issues that today’s women face. These groups are not affiliated with any church or denomination and no membership is required. With approximately 1400 groups around the U.S. and Canada, it’s likely you’ll find one in your area. Invite a friend, neighbor, or coworker and take some time to relax, meet new people, and have an enjoyable experience!!!....


The Small Print:
Call Leone Goding at  (352) 365-9515 Email:
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