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1 - Is there a way to update besides that update page?

You can use your regular Email
You can Fax your program
You can use the United States Postal System
And you can always telephone for help

My addresses and telephone number are on the bottom of the main page
Click the extreme left button on the top menu marked "Home"

 2 - How does the update page work?
Whatever you type on the update page comes to me on a itemized Email. The boxes called "club name" and "your email address" are mandatory boxes so I can get back to you if necessary. The following boxes are self explanatory and will accept a long string of text. They are intended to remind you of all the information. The Remarks box is provided for any other information you may wish to add including any notices or instructions. Leaving a box blank without a "same" in it means you do not want it. You can also use the page to send me an addition or change to an existing page, just click a check mark in the green Add or Chg box. Type the changes in the appropriate boxes and leave all other boxes empty, because of the Add/Chg check I will know why the other boxes are empty.

Notes:  A Cancellation date as well as a Reservation date is a wise addition and may save your club some money....

Helpful Hints:

After the page is published, go to your page and print it, save it for the next month, then you can put "same" in any box that has not changed since the last month. If only a part of a box has changed, then type the change only.

Help me help you. Tell me who is presenting your Feature, Musical Feature and what they do, maybe I can find them on the internet and provide actual pictures and a link to the person's or organization's page. If your speaker is not Stonecroft Ministries approved, I will not have a picture or information, so include those if you can. The whole idea is to increase your attendance by satisfying the viewer with a page that provides the information they want in an attractive package.

 3 - When should I submit a program?
The basic idea is to provide an advertisement of your club and it's current and future functions. People use our pages to plan in advance where and when they will attend and bring guests. Therefore a new program should be submitted a month prior to the function, on or before the date that the currently posted function expires. This ensures a continuous flow of information. Most clubs have programs prepared months in advance. Also if you tell me I will work with you and accept programs with parts missing and add them when you are able to do so.
 4 - Can I submit multiple programs?
Any number of functions will be welcomed.
 5 - How long before my page appears on the internet?
Usually a matter of hours.
If you do not see your page by the next day, and I have not sent you a prior email explaining a problem, please email me -

 6 - How does the menu work, how can I find my page?

Starting at the left side of the Main Menu, we have a "HOME" button for the main page followed by the five "CLUB" buttons for the 47 clubs,  listed alphabetically. Click the one which encompasses the first letter of your club's name.
Select your club and click on it. If your Club is not there, it means we do not have a current program. Next is the"CALENDAR" button that lists all the speaker's schedules that correspond with the club information I have received for that month.Next is the "UPDATE" button for the update page. The "FLORIDA SPEAKERS" button and the "FLORIDA DIRECTORY" buttons are next and require a password to view pages.
The next button is marked "LINKS", here are Links to Search Engines, News Sites, Newspapers from all over and then some informational things such as a virus hoax page (tells you what is a virus and what is a hoax) plus some good stuff for AOL users and more as you will see for yourself. The next button is "ABOUT US". This is the story of Stonecroft Ministries. The last button is the "FAQ" or frequently asked question page.  You had to click that button to get here!

 7 - Can I have a club page and how much does it cost?
Any one of the 70 Christian Women's Clubs in the State of Florida are welcome.  This is a non-profit web site - completely free to all certified clubs.
A few more informational items from me:

Your web page can contain special music you have requested in the comments line if you like and if I can find it.

I will add pictures when I can find them, and feel they apply.

If you are having trouble viewing your page, hit the refresh button at the very top of the web page. It looks like a partial circle with an arrow point on it.

If you need other information, feel free to email or call me.