Update 4.25.2019

This is currently a work in progress. The website is in an ongoing process to upgrade, if you have any feedback, please let "noori naarian" know.

Update 4.25.2019

A new Corporation has joined the Allinace!

A new corporation, Solar Exchange has brought around another 80 members to the alliance.

Update 4.24.2019

Are you a spy?

Dear spies, We are looking for some content, so lets see it!

Update 4.25.2019

A new corporate guide has been created here. Strategies on recruitment, security and so forth can be found in it. Enjoy!

Check it out

Update 4.25.2019

New Teamspeak Server

A new teamspeak server has been set up for the alliance. You wont need to login with "corp ticker" name. All you need is your name when you login, permission will grant you, your corp title.